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​TLC's women's ministry--Women In Action, is a ministry that promotes fellowship and oneness. Our goal is to embrace every woman on our journey with grace, compassion, and encouragement.

During our outreach fellowships, we do our utmost to provide an uplifting environment that promotes love, strength, and God's word. Each outing is designed to be inspiring and joyful! We engage in events that stimulate learning, self-awareness, growth and maturity in God's word. We believe that fellowship should also be centered around fun events that help us get to know each other better and promote sisterhood. In addition to teaching and training sessions, some of our events and outings consist of the following: horseback-riding, picnics in the park, movie night, beach outings, high-teas, fine dining events, conferences, barbeques, slumber parties and so much more.

If you would like to get involved or participate in any of our programs, we welcome you! 

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